“Hunt for the Skinwalker” book review

This book reminds me of great deal of the cartoon series “Courage the Cowardly Dog”, a show in which a family lives out in the middle of nowhere and all kinds of strange things involving aliens, ghosts and other Oddities are constantly occurring. Apparently in Utah a piece of land was cursed by a skinwalker i.e. a Native American witch ( these dark magicians are said to change their form into animals, hence the name ), the family who bought the Land Experienced hauntings, cattle mutilations, UFO sightings and just about every extreme paranormal event you could think of. Eventually the family got fed up with all the nonsense and called in a bunch of investigators. This team of researchers spend a great deal of the book documenting all the strange events while attempting to use scientific equipment to figure out what’s going on. I wish I could say that I believe the events of this book are real but unfortunately I get Amityville Horror Vibes off of this piece. I’m not saying that UFOs don’t exist, although I find it hard to believe that aliens from millions of light years away would be capable of traveling to this planet given just how difficult it would be for any kind of organic life-form to be able to survive the journey regardless of technological advances.   Don’t get me wrong, this is a very entertaining book but I suggest that you take everything you read within its pages with not just a grain of salt but a whole bag of salt, Blessed Be!- Zwahk

“Through the Faerie Glass” by Kenny Klein book review

“Through the Faerie Glass” is a collection of ancient stories about faeries. The primary theme of This Book Is that faeries are not cute  and innocent and are in fact very dark malevolent beings and don’t worry, if you don’t get that from the introduction the author will make sure to point it out to you again and again and again. Some of the creatures referred to in this book are Queen Mab of the Fey, the horned god of the hunt, mermaids and the blue beard style serial killer Mr. Fox. Many of the poems found throughout the book were written many hundreds of years ago and if you aren’t familiar with ancient dialect you might have some issues understanding what the writers are talking about, fortunately you can skip the poems and read the explanation of every work put forward by the author of the book. Unfortunately “Through the Faerie Glass” doesn’t discuss methods used to summon or work with real faeries in a magical sense but through practical experience I have found this to be a rather simple thing to bring about, it turns out that faeries are attracted to all natural tobacco the way that cats are attracted to catnip. If you want to become the best friend of local faeries all you have to do is hang a small pouch of all natural tobacco around your belt or your bag as you go out on nature walks and the little Pixies will follow you wherever you go. You can draw faeries into your garden by hanging sacks of tobacco from your trees, however make sure that the tobacco is an area that can’t be reached by dogs, cats or small children as tobacco is very poisonous when ingested. If you are a big fan of Neil Gaiman and dark fairy tales chances are you’re going to love this book, however I would not recommend buying this book If you’re looking for stories to tell your seven-year-old at bedtime, Blessed Be!- Zwahk

Fast Luck Incense Cone Recipe

To create homemade incense cones that help increase the odds of winning at games of chance mix together two tablespoons of cinnamon, 1/2 tablespoon nutmeg, 1/2 teaspoon crushed and myrrh, 1/2 teaspoon frankincense, five drops Ginger oil and five drops Patchouli oil together in a glass bowl. Wash your hands with Florida Water cologne and shake them until they are dry. Take a piece of clear quartz crystal that has recently been cleansed in salt water and as it to the center of the mixture. Use your fingertips to mix the incense ingredients together in a clockwise direction, as you do so say “bring in the money” nine times in a row, try to put plenty of strength and force behind the command. Wipe off your fingertips and place a cup of clean water into a glass bowl. Pretend to throw invisible gold coins into the water and as you do so say “bring me the money”, do this in the same manner that you did so with the incense mixture. Repeat this process with the incense mixture and the water every day for 14 days in a row. On the 15th day put out a piece of fresh wax paper, Place 2 tablespoons of the Blessed water into the bowl with the incense cone ingredients and mix them together with your fingertips, mold the mixture into incense cones by hand and then place them on the wax paper, if the mixture is too thin you can add a couple more teaspoons of cinnamon or nutmeg to the mixture. Leave the incense cones on the wax paper and a warm relatively dry room for at least Forty-Eight Hours. Gently place each of the incense cones on their side and leave them alone for another 48 to 72 hours. Once the incense cones are completely dry you activate them by lighting the tip of the cone with a match, let it burn for a few seconds and then either shake the flame out or put it out with a candle Snuffer, don’t blow out the flame. You use fast luck incense cones by either allowing the smoke from the incense cone to completely cover your clothing, your hand, the crown of your forehead and the bottoms of your shoes before you go out gambling or you burn the incense cones as part of a money or luck drawing candle ritual, Blessed Be! – Zwahk

Frankincense Magick

Frankincense is an amber-colored incense resin that is popular among ceremonial magicians for its ability to Aid in consecration, purification, illumination and spiritual work. Frankincense smoke can burn away any rampant excess energy attached to your altar space or ritual tools without scaring away helpful Spirits the way that dragon’s blood resin and Sage will when burned in the same circumstances. Burning frankincense and myrrh on activated charcoal will greatly enhance your chances of success when you are performing spiritual work, frankincense increases spiritual activity in an area where myrrh has a very calming almost narcotic effect on Spirits, essentially when you burn this combination during a summoning work it’s the equivalent of offering human guess alcoholic energy drinks. The greatest aspect of Frankincense is its ability to burn away the pesky ego that is always in the way of achieving the status of magus, it brings to light the darkest parts of yourself and it clears away any delusions that you may have about yourself in order to allow you to see who you truly are and to help you become more effective in your work. Frankincense trees grow in India, the Middle East and various parts of Africa. The tree has the appearance of a knotted gnarled bonsai tree and grows best in Rocky warm environments. Frankincense is associated with the astrological sign Aries, the sun and the element of fire, Blessed Be! – Zwahk

Myrrh Magick

Myrrh is an aromatic incense resin that has been used in religious rituals and ceremonial magick for thousands of years. This incense resin  produces a smoke that not only exorcises the evil out of an area but also produces holy energy in its place. If you wish to summon angels, high-ranking demons, Saints or other powerful Spiritual Beings be sure to burn myrrh as part of the ritual as it has an almost narcotic effect on these entities. I have found that adding a little bit of crushed myrrh to Spirit summoning oils and recipes also enhances their overall effect. Myrrh also has the quality of enhancing the power and ability of any magical ingredients used in conjunction with it, for example if you wanted to cast a spell for happiness, joy and abundance you could burn a small amount of myrrh on charcoal with several drops of orange essential oil and some orange rind as part of a candle spell ritual. Myrrh is used in aromatherapy to help with stress relief and to bring about a calm State of Mind. The Myrrh tree grows throughout various parts of Africa and if you wish to grow the spiny tree for yourself be sure that the tree will have plenty of sunlight, very little exposure to rain or humidity and that the soil is dry and Sandy.  Myrrh is associated with the astrological sign Aries, the element of water and the planet Saturn, Blessed Be! – Zwahk

Nutmeg Magick

Nutmeg is a magical spice most well-known for its ability to help draw money and increase the chances of success in winning and gambling, it can also be helpful when added to marital Fidelity speplls. To cast a simple money attraction spell with nutmeg carve your first and last name into a green or gold colored candle. Rub clove oil, cinnamon oil, Ginger oil or van van oil all over the candle and press powdered nutmeg into the indentations within the wax. Light the candle with a match and say prayers for financial prosperity or better luck at the gaming tables over the flame for an hour before snuffing it out. Repeat this process every night until the candle has burned all the way down, bury the wax remains under a potted plant by the front door, in the front yard or if you’re very sneaky you can bury the wax remains in the soil near your favorite Bank, your place of business or in the area around your favorite casino. To create a powerful gambling Mojo hand place one whole Nutmeg Seed, one dry ginger root and 7 clove buds in a red flannel bag along with a petition inscribed with your intention and a few pieces of your fingernails or some of your hair, breathe into the bag three times to give it life and then tie it shut. Every time you want to go out gambling rub some cinnamon oil, Van van oil or fast luck oil onto the bag and hide it on your person, make sure nobody else touches it or sees it or it will stop working for you. If you would like to add nutmeg as an ingredient to any kind of money or luck drawing magical oil or Satchet powder be sure to use powdered nutmeg in Sachet powder but when it comes to oil you should use a sharpened kitchen knife to cut up a Nutmeg Seed into 4 to 8 segments, add 3 to 8 of these chopped up pieces into your oil and let it steep within for at least a couple of weeks. While scientists are still trying to figure out the medicinal uses of nutmeg it is known to contain psychoactive compounds, if you mix 1 tbsp of nutmeg with some water and ingest the paste it will make you high. It will also make you extremely nauseous and so I wouldn’t recommend it unless you’re one of those strange people who loves to take drugs that make you feel really sick. Nutmeg trees grow best in tropical humid climates, particularly in sandy soil. Nutmeg is associated with the astrological sign Pisces, the element of air and the planet Jupiter, Blessed Be!- Zwahk

“The Black Folder” edited by Catherine Yronwode book review

“The Black Folder” is a collection of pamphlets that were handed out at various magical workshops held at the lucky Mojo curio over the years. I would have loved to have attended one of these events but unfortunately my disability makes it so I can’t travel the nearly 1,000 miles from Seattle to Forestville, California, so getting my hands on this book was a real treat. Catherine Yrondwode is the author of most of the sections but some are written by different authors and I always love having a variety of perspectives and teaching methods when it comes to the esoteric Arts. There are spells in this book for gambling luck, love, domination, poppet magic, mirror spells that throw a person’s negative work back at them and even the dreaded D. U. M. E. Spell. My favorite sections were the ones having to do with making your own divination deck and the fortune-telling with tea leaves pamphlet. I’ve learned about the art of telling fortunes with Tea Leaves through cultural ozmosis but I never realized just how intricate the process is, there are dozens of different symbols that one can look for in the teacup to represent different ideas or events and the placement of these images within the cup can mean a great deal. I wish there had been illustrations throughout the book, one of the problems with only being able to read the pamphlet from a class is that you don’t get any of the visual aids but oh well, it is what it is. There was one pamphlet in the book that I felt didn’t need to be included and that was the one on how to become a professional phone psychic, not because I have a problem with the idea of phone psychics, it’s just that the pamphlet is written in such a way where it’s just an outline of what the teacher is going to be talking about as opposed to a specimen full of useful information for a reader. I wouldn’t recommend this book to a beginner, there’s a lot of really intricate detailed work here and references you probably won’t get if you haven’t spent at least a year or two working in the craft, particularly in hoodoo. Overall I had a great experience reading this book even if it isn’t very beginner friendly there are still a lot of things here for more practiced individuals and I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about magick and be challenged at the same time, Blessed Be! – Zwahk

The Root of Angels

Angelica root gets its name from its association with the Archangel Michael. This magical plant is used to protect a person from evil magic and it can also help to remove curses and enhance psychic intuition. If you are trying to protect your home from a curse hang the root in a flannel or muslin bag above the front doorway. You can also protect yourself from curses by carving your first and last name into a white candle, rubbing olive oil or coconut oil all over the candle, sprinkle powdered Angelica root over the candle, light it with a match, say prayers of intention and once the candle has burned all the way down bury it under a potted plant by your front door, in your front yard or you can bury it at a Crossroads. If you suspect you or a friend has been cursed you can get rid of the curse by making a hot bath that contains a mixture of 1tbsp powdered Angelica root, a few drops of Rosemary and lavender essential oil and three to four tablespoons of salt. Mix the water with your arm while saying prayers for healing, protection and blessing over it, bathe in the water and as you soak imagine all that evil magic being pulled out of your pores like a dark black Goo, remember to hold your nose and hold your head under the water for at least 10 seconds, afterwards do not towel dry, allow yourself to air-dry. Repeat this bath every three, seven or nine days depending on the severity of the curse. In traditional Chinese medicine this root is known as Don Quai or female ginseng and is used for female reproductive issues and to purify the blood. It grows best in cool mountainous regions. Some say that you can induce psychic Visions by burning the leaves of this plant but I haven’t tried that for myself so I cannot attest to whether this is true or not. I have had found however that if you carry the entire root on your person in a flannel bag it helps with your psychic intuition. Angelica root is a close cousin of Master root but unlike Master root which is very dominating and aggressive Angelica root has an energy that is far more receptive and gentle. Angelica root is ruled by the element of fire, the astrological sign Leo and the Sun, Blessed Be! – Zwahk

“Hoodoo Herb And Root Magic” by Catherine Yronwode, book review

If you’ve ever come across a bottle of “van van” oil or a package of “essence of bend over” incense in an occult shop and wondered “what is this and how does it work?” this may be the perfect book for you. The author has a background as a botanist and is the owner of one of the most popular spiritual supply stores in the west coast of America, this being the lucky Mojo curio company located in Forestville, California. There are dozens upon dozens of entries for many different plants and the occasional animal material throughout this book, each with a description of the plant itself and its various applications and spells. There is no Wiccan law of three Do no harm here, if a plant can do something good and something bad the author will tell you about both of its uses, there’s something oddly refreshing about this approach. Every section for at least the vast majority has a description of the herbal uses of the plant in Medicine or folklore associated with the plant. I could see a newcomer to hoodoo having some issues with a great deal of these passages since many of the Spells involve using a hoodoo recipe like the aforementioned “van van” oil or “peaceful home” incense or something like that in conjunction with several other plants and Roots, but my advice would be to look at this book like a very fancy menu at a restaurant, just focus on the one spell that you want to try out the most and don’t worry about the rest. A lot of these recipes are available through various spiritual supply shops and  if you don’t have easy access to a spiritual supply shop many of the recipes to make these items are available online and in various books. If you can’t find certain plant materials on sites like Amazon or at your local botanical gardens I would suggest checking out etsy. Overall I find this book to be a very helpful reference guide and I would highly suggest it to anyone who’s into Herbal Magic or who would like to learn more about the nature of hoodoo as well as a bit about the history of the practice, Blessed Be!- Zwahk

The Root of the Prince

High John the Conqueror root is a very powerful magical plant that grants the user strength, courage and charisma.  Carrying this root on your person can help you get a job, get a raise, get a promotion, win a court case or attract the affections of women or effeminate gay men. The root has the appearance of a dark-skinned mans testicles and adding this plant to a Mojo bag or amulet can help to give it more “balls”. High John the Conqueror root is related to the morning glory and sweet potato family and is native to North America where it has been used by Native Americans for many years. The name of high John the Conqueror comes from a folk hero of African Americans. According to the Legends John was a prince in Africa and was brought to America in chains but he was so smart and so strong that not only could his master never break him but he would always end up tricking his master and enjoying his masters luxuries. It’s important to give this root an offering before working with it, I highly suggest burning all natural tobacco on lit charcoal or lighting a nice cigar and holding the root in the Smoke stream for at least 30 seconds at a time. This magical plant works best when it is teamed up with other powerful Roots like ginger root and master root, Blessed Be!–Zwahk

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