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“Meat Brain”: An Odd Tale Of Cosmic Horror

Chapter 1

Janus was annoyed to realize there was only a cups worth of coffee left in the serving pots. She was waiting tables during the graveyard shift by herself and her coworker had neglected to put on a new pot before going home for the night. She sighed and started to set up a filter when she heard the bell ring, signaling the arrival of a customer.

“Just a minute, hon,” she said sweetly enough.

A tan, muscular, dark-haired man in a cut-off button-up shirt and zubaz shorts stepped through the door. He had somebody flung over his shoulder. The large man was covered from head to foot with purple stains, his clothing was torn and he seemed…off somehow. The figure hanging limply from his shoulder appeared to be a pale, thin bespeckled man in his thirties with mousy brown hair. An odor of rotten fish wafted off of them.

“What’s wrong with your friend?” she asked, wondering if she was going to have to call emergency services.

“Oh, him?” The large man replied, looking mildly puzzled, “He’s fine, him and those goofy nerds he hangs out with were doing some weird science stuff and now he’s tired, is there a bathroom where I can wash this stuff off?” He asked.

“The restroom is in the back, down the hall to the right,” She replied.

“Okay, I’m just going to leave my roommate here.” He said as he tucked the limp man’s body into a booth. He whistled and headed off towards the men’s room.

Janus went over to take a look at the man in the booth, his eyes were open but they seemed to see nothing. A thin line of drool was forming at the corner of his mouth. “Must be drunk” she thought to herself. She put down a couple of empty water glasses on the table, poured a drink for both men, and headed over to check on her other customer.

Albert was a regular, he always came in at 2 a.m. to order the Oreo pie and several cups of coffee. He was a middle-aged portly man with a preference for brown off-the-rack suits. Usually he was busy writing something or other in his notebooks, about what Janus had no idea but he seemed harmless enough so she never gave it any mind.

“Can I get you more coffee, hon?” She asked.

“What? Oh yes, please, I’m almost done with this cup”. She poured him the last bit of coffee in the pot, leaned down, and whispered to Albert-

“There’s something odd about those guys.”

Albert took a sip of coffee, grimaced a little at its bitterness, and responded “Oh, I’m sorry, I was going over some notes, hadn’t even noticed them.”

Janus figured he must have missed the stink coming off the men because Albert was a heavy smoker, she continued-

“Maybe I’m being paranoid but it’s only you and me in this restaurant, maybe keep an eye on them, just in case.”

There was the sudden sound of footsteps coming towards them and Janus snapped back to attention. She grabbed a couple of menus. The muscular man seated himself opposite his companion. His skin and most of his clothes were dyed a deep purple color.

“Can I get you anything to drink tonight, coffee? Soda?” She asked.

The man ordered a diet cola and went to look at the menu. His companion gurgled and curled up into the fetal position.

“Is he going to have anything to drink?” She asked as the thin man started muttering to himself. The muscular man glanced at him and in a loud voice said-

“Hey Mikey, you want something to drink?” His companion waved his hand aimlessly and continued hugging his knees. The large man went back to his menu and said “naw, water’s fine, could I get a 6-egg vegetable omelet? Had to miss my last meal time, damn monster ate all my protein bars, how am I supposed to keep muscle synthesis going when I don’t get my protein on time?” Janus had no idea what to say so she nodded nervously. He looked over at Mikey and said-

“Just get him toast, all he ever eats is carbs.” Janus nodded, took their menus, and left. Albert watched her head for the kitchen and looked back at the strange man. He gathered up his notebook and walked to the booth. The muscular man noticed his approach and looked at him quizzically.

“Yeah?” He said. Albert composed himself and asked-

“Excuse me, you were attacked by a monster?”

The muscular man looked slightly annoyed and said-

“Yeah, the monster ate my protein bars, I had to kick his ass.”

“Ah, right” Albert responded. “My name is Albert, I run a website called Paranormal Jelly, I was curious if I could write down your story and post it for my readers?”

The muscle-bound man looked confused and replied-

“Website?! What’s a website?!”

Albert smiled amicably and replied-

“Websites are found on the internet, they’re like a personal newspaper or book that multiple people can post on in a digital format.”

The man looked at Albert blankly and replied-

“What’s an internet?”

Albert was surprised by this response, the internet had been discussed widely in print and on television for the last couple years. Albert guessed this man’s ignorance probably resulted from watching nothing but action movies and fitness tapes. Still, he’d encountered far worse in his efforts to gather interesting content and was unperturbed by the muscular man’s response. Albert continued-

“It doesn’t matter, I’m just interested in writing down and sharing the story of your encounter with this…monster, if that’s all right.”

Janus came back with the diet cola, set it on the table, gave Albert a quick glance, and headed back to start the coffee machine. The large man took a long sip of the diet cola and said-

“Why not? Don’t got anything to do until dinner.”

Albert grinned and dragged the chair from his table over to the booth. He grabbed his coffee cup, set his notebook on the table, brought out a couple of blue ballpoint pens from his pocket, and said-

“If it’s alright I would prefer to use your real name on the site, although I understand if you would prefer a pseudonym.” The muscular man looked at him blankly. Albert elaborated-

“You know, a pretend name to hide your identity?”

The man had a sudden look of apprehension and said-

“Oh, you mean like a superhero name. Nah, those are for geeks and nerds, my name’s Alonso”.

Albert started to write, he gestured towards Mikey and said-

“Should I give him a pseudonym? I’m assuming he’s a part of your story but he seems rather out of it.” Mikey responded to this inquiry by continuing to drool.

“I guess,” replied Alonso.

“So let’s get into what happened tonight,” said Albert as he uncapped a pen. The story told by the meat head in the diner that night was one of the strangest Albert would ever hear.

Chapter 2

Alonso began recounting his story-

“The whole thing started this morning. I was going to go to the gym but Mikey said he’d pay me $100 and buy dinner if I helped him move a bunch of heavy equipment. I figured hey, easy money. I carried a bunch of big machines and weird bat-octopus statues into the back of a trailer and we drove out to a grimy little house in the middle of nowhere, then we-“

“Wait, bat-octopus statues?” Albert asked, Alonso nodded and continued-

“Yeah, these things were like 3 feet tall and made of stone, kind of moldy-smelling.”

Albert scribbled furiously. He wished he had his tape recorder, his wrist would hurt in the morning but hopefully this story would be worth it. Albert drank the rest of his coffee and asked-

“When you say the middle of nowhere do you know the specific location?”

Alonso took a piece of paper from his shorts. It was stained dark purple and appeared moist to the touch. He looked it over for a second,  turned to Albert, and said-

“Mikey put the address of that dump on this piece of paper.” He took another look at it. “It’s a place called Davenport, there’s nothing out there, it’s just some patches of woods about a half-hour drive from Spokane.”

Albert wrote this down and said, “thanks, my readers are going to want as many specifics as possible.” Alonso shrugged his shoulders, Albert continued- “So anyway, this house where you were making the delivery, describe it.” Alonso was about to answer when Janus came over with a large, steaming vegetable omelet and a plate of toast. She set down the dishes, looked at Albert, and said-

“Looks like you’re all getting along, need more coffee, Albert?”

He nodded and she headed off to grab a pot. Alonso started wolfing down mouthfuls of omelet. Albert realized it would be at least a couple of minutes before Alonso was up to talking so he excused himself to hit the restroom and smoke a cigarette.

Albert had just gone out the front door when Mikey let out a low groan. Alonso looked at him and said-

“I told you not to hang out with those weirdos, but you didn’t listen to me, I said that professor guy was a creep but no, you’re just so smart and I’m the dumb guy, right?” Mikey sat up and stared out the window. Alonso took another huge bite and said “Just eat your toast, Mikey”. Mikey didn’t respond.

Albert lit a menthol cigarette and stood by the door of the diner, watching the smoke disappear into the night air. He was quite happy with the way things had turned out tonight, it didn’t matter if the story was true or not, so long as it might be interesting,  that was all most of his readers seemed to care about. He had written outrageous tales about alien abductions, telekinesis, spontaneous human combustion, and other things of that sort. He hoped that someday he might get a TV deal out of his work or at least make a lot of money on the convention circuit.

When he’d finished his cigarette he came back into the diner and sat in his seat. Alonso was cleaning up with a napkin and Mikey was chewing on a jelly packet. Albert uncapped his pen and said-

“So you were going to describe the house to me?” Alonso stretched, he seemed more relaxed than before. He took a sip of soda and said-

“The house was run down, it had these junker vehicles in front and a couple of the windows were broken. I had to lug all the equipment and the statues up to the second floor. The staircase was so rickety I thought I’d fall through. Really dusty, played hell on my sinuses.” He rubbed his nose at this and continued.

“So I got all this stuff upstairs, the place was damp, it smelled really bad, I think it was an abandoned house. That professor guy and his assistant were chatting about…I didn’t know what most of the words meant, bunch of nerd stuff.”

Albert perked up at this- “professor?”

Alonso nodded and replied-

“Yeah, professor Miller, really weird looking guy, bony like a skeleton, he kept going on and on about…port holes? Don’t know, creepy dude.”

Mikey bit through the jelly packet. Grape-flavored goo sprayed out, most of which landed on Albert’s notebook. Albert wiped the jelly off with Mikey’s unused napkin and went back to writing. Alonso continued-

“So they had me arrange those goofy statues. They start wiring the equipment up. One of the guys is freaking out about something in a book and they all start arguing with each other. I didn’t know what they were talking about so I just zoned out. I was so bored I put on my Walk-Man to listen to some Ozzy for maybe half an hour.”

Alonso finished his soda, Mikey had taken to licking the remains of the smeared jelly off the table. Alonso continued-

“The professor was yelling at the other guys. I figured I had time to put in some cardio for the day so I went for a run up and down the driveway for a while. When I got back I was hungry, I grabbed a couple Power Bars and drank a bottle of water. By this point the professor was yelling at Mikey about the “port hole” or whatever. I was tired so I went out to the truck to take a nap.”

Albert finished writing his notes. Alonso sat there silently, staring into his empty glass of soda with an expression of aggravation. Albert turned to him and asked-

“So then what happened?” Alonso looked at him and said-

“Then I ran into the damn monster.”

Chapter 3

Alonso ordered a refill of diet cola and resumed his story-

“When I woke up it was nighttime. I was starving, figured a couple of Power Bars would tide me over ’til dinner. The house was dark and the light switches didn’t work. I headed back to the truck to grab my flashlight, climbed the stairs, one of the steps broke under my foot. I barely caught myself on the rail in time.”

Janus came over and set the refill of diet cola on the table, Albert motioned to his coffee cup and said-

“Do you think you could top me off, Janus? I’d also enjoy another piece of Oreo pie”, she nodded and said-

“You know we always got extra pie for you, Albert, all you have to do is ask”. she left to grab the pie and coffee. Alonso had finished half his refill already. Mikey was staring up at the whirring ceiling fan. Alonso scratched his head and said-

“I got to the top of the stairs, even with the flashlight it was hard to move around without knocking into stuff. The house smelled even worse than before, like this one time the power went out and some hamburger in the fridge went bad. I bumped into something on the floor and nearly tripped, it was Mikey.”

Alonso stopped and looked at Mikey pointedly, Mikey didn’t seem to notice, Alonso kept talking-

“I told Mikey I wanted to head out to get dinner and he just lay there on the floor, saying nothing. I headed off to the room where they had me move all that stuff earlier. The smell got worse and I started noticing a noise like an opossum tearing through a garbage can.”

Alonso stopped talking, a look of discomfort crossed his face, he turned to Albert and said-

“I have to go to the bathroom, it’s all the caffeine in these things,” He said, motioning to his soda, “really dehydrates you, ‘scuse me for a second.”

Alonso got up and headed for the restroom. Janus brought Albert his pie and coffee. She looked at Mikey and said-

“Well, at least you’re awake, you going to eat your toast, hon?” Mikey responded with a single, guttural word-


Janus paused a second and responded-

“What was that, hon?” Mikey ignored her and started eating a sugar packet, paper and all. She sighed and turned to Albert. He grinned and shook his head. Mikey was several sandwiches short of a picnic. Janus frowned slightly, nodded, and headed off to fold some silverware. Albert started in on his pie, it was quite delicious.

Alonso returned to the table. He looked disapprovingly at Albert’s dessert but decided not to say anything about it. The only people who ever took his nutritional advice were those who hired him as a personal trainer, and that wasn’t even a given half the time. Alonso cleared his throat and looked at Albert. The chubby man set aside his frosting-encrusted fork and grabbed his pen. Alonso continued his story-

“So I found my way to the room and it was a mess. The equipment and statues had been thrown around. I didn’t see the professor or that other guy, I don’t know if they ran from the house or what. The smell was overpowering, I looked in the corner and found out what was causing the noise. There was this…thing”

“The monster?” Asked Albert. Alonso nodded. “What did it look like?” Albert asked as he reached for his coffee cup. Alonso furrowed his brow and rested his chin on the palm of his hand. After a moment of contemplation, he replied-

“It looked like a moray eel, at least in the face. The body was about 9 ft long, had at least 3 or 4 pairs of legs, really long limbs, dark greyish-blue skin. I was just going to grab Mikey and get the hell out of there when I realized it had been rummaging through my gym bag, it was eating my food! I was starving and this ugly, stinking eel monster was chowing down on my Power Bars!”

Alonso became visibly angry, his nostrils flared and he gritted his teeth. He punched his fist into his open palm and seethed for a few moments before regaining his composure. Albert took a couple bites of Oreo pie. Alonso continued his story.

“I was so angry I couldn’t think straight. I lifted one of the bat-octopus statues and threw it at the thing. It got hit hard enough that it screamed in pain, it sounded like a squealing tire. The statue started glowing with this bright purple light, it seemed like it was burning the creature. I grabbed the closest blunt object and just started beating the crap out of the thing. The light was so bright it was almost blinding but I was just so mad, I kept hitting it and hitting it. When I punched it in the eye it exploded all over me, that’s why I was such a mess when I came in here-“

“Hold on a minute,” said Albert. The ink had run out in his pen and he had to switch over to the other one. “That’s what I get for using cheap disposable ballpoints,” He thought to himself. Albert stuffed the empty pen into his pocket and uncapped the second one. “Sorry about that,” he said. Alonso recounted the end of his tale.

Chapter 4

“So this eel thing tried to bite me. I kept punching it and then the statue melted. A bright purple light burst from the ground and enormous tentacles came out of the glowing spot, they grabbed the monster and pulled it into the light. The tentacles tried to get me too but I fell backward and rolled away.”

Alonso finished his refill and resumed talking-

“I got up, ran out of the room, and grabbed Mikey. One of the tentacles came after us but I got to the stairway just in time. I headed out of the house, threw Mikey in the truck, and just kept driving as fast as I could until I came across this diner.”

Albert scribbled all this down furiously. He was already thinking of how he would stitch together a graphic to go with the article. Perhaps he would embellish the story a little, whatever it took to get people to mass-email the article to their friends and coworkers. Janus came to the table and asked-

“Can I get either of you anything else?” Alonso shook his head. Janus replied, “all right, I’ll bring your bill.” She headed for the register, inwardly relieved the odd pair would be leaving soon. Upon paying Albert closed his notebook and got up to leave. He shook hands with Alonso and headed for the door. Janus brought the check over to the booth. Alonso pushed the bill at Mikey, Mikey drooled.

The bill ended up being paid for with a smelly, purple-stained $20 bill. Alonso managed to get Mikey to his feet and directed him to the door. Some of the words he said rather loudly to Mikey would not have been appropriate had children been present, but the restaurant was empty. Janus went to wipe the jelly stains off the table when the bell at the door rang.

A dozen tall, dark individuals in long, black robes entered the diner. They had strange white symbols emblazoned on the sides of their vestments and wore their hoods pulled so far forward she couldn’t see their faces. Janus hesitated for a moment, but then put on her brightest smile and said-

“Hello there, out for a late-night meal?” They said nothing. She continued- “Well, seat yourselves and I’ll be right over.”

One of the hooded figures approached her. He stood a few feet from her, completely silent. She tensed up, fear filling her belly. He turned his dark gaze to the corner and pointed his long, bony finger at the coffee pots on the burner. Janus was puzzled for a second and then responded-

“Are you saying you want some coffee, hon?” The figure nodded, turned around, and pointed at each of his associates. Janus replied-

“All of you want to order coffee?” The figure nodded. He turned to the front counter and pointed to a large picture of a dessert on the wall. She looked and said-

“So you’re saying you all want coffee and a piece of Oreo pie?”

The hooded figures all nodded at once in unison. They sat themselves down at a few booths and Janus went to start the coffee.

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“Paranormal Jelly: Weird Tales Set In The Year 1996”

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“The King In Yellow” Cosmic Horror Book Review

“The King in Yellow” is a weird collection of short stories by American author Robert W Chambers. It was published in 1895 and had a profound impact on the later work of author H.P. Lovecraft.  “The King in Yellow” is the title of a play that is referenced repeatedly throughout the short stories within the book, especially in the first 4 tales. There are only small snippets of text from the 1st Act of the play sprinkled throughout the stories, reading Act 2 drives people people within the universe of this collection completely insane. After the first 4 stories the rest of the book barely mentions the cursed play or its effects on people at all. I get the impression the publisher included these later stories in the book simply for the sake of increasing the word count.

The king in yellow is a shady figure who expresses its power not only through the cursed play but also by a magical yellow sign. He holds control over and can interfere with anyone who has read the play or encountered the sign. The impression I got from the work is that the king in yellow is an Eldritch horror that uses words like a virus, infecting host after host to bring them under his will. Apparently in the Cthulu Mythos he is known as “Hastur” and is brother to Cthulu.

My favorite story was “The Repairer Of Reputations”, in this tale a man has gone completely nutters after reading “The King In Yellow” too many times. He has become convinced that he must turn America into the kingdom of Carcosa  from the play and instill himself as emporer. He ends up killing his psychiatrist and getting dragged off to a loony bin. There’s something so delightful about tales told from the perspective of an unreliable narrator, several hints are given throughout the narrative that things are not what they seem and I’ve always enjoyed narrative puzzles.

I think the main point of the narrative of “The King In Yellow” is that there is a certain magick in the placement of words. Be mindful of your work because you might be inviting all manner of horrors into this world if your writing isn’t done with care. -Zwahk (Image from goodreads.com)

Eucalyptus Facial Mask Recipe

If you wish to engage in a purification ritual while pampering yourself at the same time you can do so with a Eucalyptus green clay facial mask. To create this facial mask you will need 1/4 cup French green clay, 1/4 cup jojoba oil and 3 drops of Eucalyptus oil. Mix these ingredients together in a glass bowl until they form a green paste.

To use the mask apply a thin layer all over your face, make sure you don’t get any in your eyes. Leave it on for about 10 minutes. Make sure the mask doesn’t completely dry or it will draw moisture out of your skin. Rinse it off with warm water and pat your face dry. Store the remainder of the mixture into a clean glass jar that has been cleansed inside and out with incense smoke and place in a cool, dry place.

Eucalyptus trees are native to Australia. These trees are happiest when they are growing in well-drained soil and have access to lots of sunlight. Medicinally Eucalyptus essential oil can be rubbed on the skin to help with muscle aches and pain. Eucalyptus is associated with the astrological sign of Aries, the element of air and planet Mercury.- Zwahk (Image from Unsplash.com)

Hyssop Hair Gel Recipe

To create your own Hyssop hair gel you will need at least 1/2 teaspoon gelatin, 1/2 cup warm water and 3 drops Hyssop essential oil. Start by dissolving the gelatin into the warm water. Keep adding small amounts of gelatin until you reach your desired consistency and stir the mixture. When you’re satisfied with the thickness of your hair gel place it in the refrigerator to cool down for 3 to 4 hours. Add the Hyssop oil and mix the ingredients together.

If you store your hair gel in the refrigerator it will last for 1 to 2 weeks. This mixture can be added to wet or dry hair. Every time you apply it imagine a holy white light is emanating from the gel as you place it on your head.

If you feel like your crystals or other magical tools need a thorough energetic cleansing you can do so by giving them a bath in Hyssop infused water. Placing small muslin bags filled with Hyssop around the home is very good for dispelling and clearing away negative energy.

Hyssop is native to Southern Europe and the Mediterranean region. This plant thrives when it has plenty of Sun and lives in well-drained soil. Medicinally the herb can be made into a tea that helps stimulate digestion and assist with coughs and upper respiratory infections. Hyssop is associated with the astrological sign of Cancer, the element of fire and the planet Jupiter.-Zwahk (Image from Unsplash.com)

“The Craft” Movie Review

“The Craft” is a 90s teen witchsploitation film that got mixed reviews when it first came out but has gone on to become a cult classic. I wasn’t a fan when I was a teenage witch but I’ve changed my opinion of the film somewhat over the past 20 years. This review is going to be full of spoilers so if you’d rather be surprised skip to the last paragraph.

Sarah Bailey (Robin Tunney) is a troubled young woman with strange abilities who is now the new girl in school. She becomes friends with a group of girls who are highschool outcasts for various reasons. Nancy (Fairuza Balk) is treated badly because she is considered white trash by her classmates while Bonnie (Neve Campbell) has terrible scars from an auto accident and Rochelle (Rachel True) is bullied for being African American. The girls worship a God called “Manon” (who is a fictional God created to explain the source of the magick in the movie).

Sarah develops a crush on Chris (Skeet Ulrich), an attractive, popular student. While in class Sarah levitates a pencil and Bonnie convinces the other outcast girls that she should become a member of their coven. Later on Sarah is harassed by a creep with a snake and he gets hit by a car. The girls are convinced their magick caused the event, Sarah joins the coven and they bond as a group.

Sarah goes on a date with Chris, only to find out later that he has lied to the rest of the school about having sex with her and how she was terrible in bed. She confronts him but Chris disrespects her in front of his friends. Sarah decides the most logical thing to do is cast a love spell on the jerk (???). Bonnie casts a glamour spell to become beautiful, Rochelle casts a curse on racist bully Laura (Christine Taylor) and Nancy casts a spell for power. The spells work, Chris becomes obsessed with Sarah, Laura starts losing her hair, the scars on Bonnies back heal and Nancy causes her abusive stepfather to have a heart attack and die.

Nancy becomes mad with power and encourages the coven to join her in the rite called “Invocation of the Spirit”. The idea behind this spell is that it allows the user to call on any spirit they wish. The owner of a local occult shop named Lirio warns them that casting the spell is a bad idea but since they’re teenagers they don’t listen. Upon finishing the rite Nancy is struck by lightning. The next morning the girls see Nancy walking on water. The corpses of dead animals are laying all along the shoreline. In the following days Nancy becomes downright inhuman and engages in risky behavior that almost gets her and her friends badly hurt.

Most of the spells from earlier eventually lead to terrible consequences, Chris tries to sexually assault Sarah after he becomes frustrated that she keeps turning him down and Bonnie becomes a raging narcissist. Nancy uses a glamour spell to look like Sarah in order to fool Chris into having sex with her. She is cock blocked by Sarah who insists Nancy leave with her. When Chris realizes what is happening he accuses Nancy of being jealous. Nancy becomes enraged  and kills Chris by throwing him out a window.

Sarah tries to cast a binding spell on Nancy to prevent Nancy from doing any more harm. The spell doesn’t work and the coven turns on Sarah. They cast sneaky dream infiltration spells and generally mess with her head. Sarah goes to talk to Lirio but since she’s an idiot she leaves before he can help her. The coven try to get Sarah to commit suicide with Nancy cutting Sarahs wrists herself. Sarah successfully invokes a powerful spirit, heals herself and fights back. She manages to frighten Bonnie and Rochelle by showing them images in a mirror of Rochelle losing all her hair and Bonnie with her face scarred. Sarah uses her power to defeat Nancy and binds her so she’ll never be able to hurt anyone else ever again.

Rochelle and Bonnie have lost their powers because Manon decided they had abused their abilities. They visit Sarah and try to be her friends but Sarah basically tells them to go to Hell. When they bitch about how Sarah must have lost her powers too Sarah makes a tree branch nearly fall on them. In the last scene it is revealed that Nancy has been committed to a mental asylum. She has lost her powers and in the final moments she is strapped to a bed, yelling about  how she can fly.

Fairuza Balk (Nancy) is incredible in this film. Even though this character is meant to be the villain it was hard not to sympathize with her and want her to succeed on some level. She has to put up with abuse from her dad and being treated like crap because of her economic status at school. When she finally stands up for herself the powers of the universe say “nope” and side with boring Sarah. When I saw the movie as a teenager I didn’t really like it because the witches seemed like a bunch of snotty jerks but as a middle-aged adult I can at least appreciate where Nancy is coming from, although Bonnie and Rochelle really are just a pair of basic bitches. The special effects are really damn good for a 90s movie and the soundtrack is excellent. This film has a lot of violence and some sexual content so don’t show it to children. If you’re feeling nostalgic for a 90’s movie and you want to watch a goth girl power fantasy check out “The Craft”.-Zwahk (www.commonsensemedia.org)

Dammar Incense for Emotional Healing

Dammar (Cat Eye) is a very uplifting spiritual resin. This is a great incense to burn if you or somebody you know is suffering from severe sadness and depression. Dammar can be used in ritual work as a way to honor the gods and goddesses.
In ancient Egypt Dammar was burned as an offering for the dead to give the spirit the hope needed to make it into the afterlife. This is one of the varieties of incense you can burn while engaging in Angelic Magick.

When an aura has been damaged by drug use, extreme depression or hexes cast by an enemy witch you can use Dammar to begin the process of healing the aura. To help somebody in this situation burn Dammar on activated charcoal and allow the smoke to fill the room where the patient resides. Play some soothing music and engage in gentle conversation with the afflicted individual. You can tell them funny or sentimental stories, show them pictures of adorable kitty cats on your phone or do whatever helps put them into a relaxed state of mind. If the patient is so inclined see if you can get them to take a smoke bath by letting the incense smoke cover their body from head to foot.

One session may not be enough to cure the patient but it will begin the process of healing. I would suggest engaging in Dammar incense aura-cleansing sessions at least once a week until they start feeling better. To get a more potent effect burn Dammar on activated charcoal with Myrrh.

This resin comes from a tree found in parts of India and Asia. It can grow in both the shade and the Sun and prefers moist soil. Burning Dammar wood acts as an effective repellent against mosquitoes. Dammar is associated with the astrological sign Sagittarius, the element of fire and the planet Jupiter.- Zwahk (Image from Unsplash.com)

Lucky Green Money Rice Recipe

Rice is often seen as a symbol of prosperity. Lucky Green Rice is designed to bring greater wealth and abundance to your business or home.

To create this recipe you will need 1/2 cup regular dried rice, 2 drops green food dye, 5 Cinnamon Chips, 1 crushed dried Bay Leaf, 1 tsp dried crushed Basil, 1 tsp dried Chamomile, 3 drops Myrrh essential oil, 3 drops Frankincense essential oil and 1 freshly fed Lodestone or piece of Pyrite. If you are making this recipe because you are a man seeking to control the finances add 3 drops High John the Conqueror Root oil, if you are making this recipe because you are a woman seeking to control of finances add 3 drops Rosemary essential oil.

Cleanse the inside and outside of a small glass or ceramic bowl with incense smoke. Mix together all the ingredients in the bowl with a wooden spoon. When you are done bury the Lodestone or piece of Pyrite under the rice, place the bowl on your altar and say the following prayer over it 7 times-

“Bring Wealth From A Positive Place, Bring Money From A Positive Place, Bring Savings From A Positive Place, Bring Prosperity And Abundance.”

There are several ways to use Lucky Green Rice for prosperity work. A few grains can be added to your wallet or your purse. If you are trying to get a loan, sending out resumes to find work or applying for benefits create paper copies of the applications involved and put a small bag containing Lucky Green Rice on top of them, leave these items on your altar until you have accomplished your goal.

If you make a living as a delivery person and rely on tips throw some Lucky Green Rice at your vehicle or motorbike. To bring prosperity into your home close your front door and throw some Lucky Green Rice at it, let it sit there for an hour and then use a broom to sweep it into your front yard or front parking lot. you can sprinkle a small amount in your mailbox, place some under your door or floor mats or you can place a small amount in the potted plants around your home or office. If some of your friends are getting married you can throw lucky green rice at them as they leave the wedding banquet.- Zwahk (Image from http://earthydelightsblog.com).

Lemon Balm Lotion Bar Recipe

To create moisturizing lemon balm lotion bars, gather together:

• fresh shredded lemongrass and lemon balm

• 6 ounces virgin coconut oil

• 6 ounces unrefined shea butter

• 6 ounces cosmetic grade beeswax

• a chopstick

• dried lemon balm

• a glass pyrex measuring cup

• a 1 quart mason jar

• a crockpot

• a silicone cupcake mold

Fill the crockpot halfway with water and set the temperature to low.  Put the beeswax, coconut oil and shea butter into the mason jar and add the fresh herbs.

Heat the jar and stir the contents occasionally with the chopstick until the ingredients are completely melted.

Turn off the crock pot and let the essence of the herbs absorb into the mixture for a few minutes. Remove the jar and use a strainer to get rid of the plant material.

Pour the melted mixture into the glass measuring cup. Sprinkle some dried lemon balm on the bottom of each of the cupcake molds. Pour the melted mixture into the molds until it almost reaches the top.

Leave the bars to sit until they have completely cooled down and then pop them out of the molds.

To activate the skin hydrating effects of a lotion bar, rub it in your hands until it warms up. Use the bar to massage the dry areas of your body. If the intention is to gift the bars away as gifts, use shrink wrap, parchment, or dry cloth to bind each bar beforehand. If desired, adorn gift bars with ribbons or personalized tags.

“The Void” Cosmic Horror Movie Review

“You’d be surprised at the things you find when you go looking.” “The Void” is an eerie Lovecraftion horror film written and directed by Steven Kostanski and Jeremy Gillespie. I’ve always been a fan of cosmic horror so I thought it might be fun to seek this movie out and write a review. There will be heavy spoilers here so if you want to skip all of that head to the last paragraph.

James (Evan Stern) tries to escape a farmhouse by running off into the woods. A screaming woman tries to follow him but she gets shot. While lying on the ground she’s covered with gasoline and set on fire. The image of a figure covered in a white sheet emblazoned with a black triangle appears for a moment before the eerie opening credits start playing. Deputy Sheriff Daniel Carter (Aaron Poole) is sitting in his patrol car when he comes across James crawling along the road. Daniel takes him to the mostly abandoned hospital where his estranged wife Allison (Kathleen Munroe) works as a nurse.

The hospital is operating with a very small crew composed of Dr. Richard Powell (Kenneth Welsh), intern Kim (Ellen Wong) and nurse Beverly (Stephanie Belding). Among the patients are pregnant Maggie (Grace Munro), her grandfather Ben (James Millington), and Cliff (Matt Kennedy). Daniel is horrified to discover Beverly murdering Cliff. Beverly is in some kind of trance and the skin has been flayed from her face. Daniel shoots her when she tries to attack him. He starts having a seizure and has a strange vision.

State trooper Mitchell (Art Hindle) arrives at the hospital to get James after coming across the carnage at the farmhouse. Daniel goes outside so he can call in the death of Beverly but he is confronted by a robed cultist. They fight each other and the cultist stabs Daniel. Despite his injury he manages to get back into the hospital. The cultists surround the building in a scene that brings the movie “Assault on Precinct 13” to mind (the original, not the awful remake). Daniel, James and Mitchell realize the corpse of Beverly has become a disgusting  tentacled monster. Simon and Vincent enter the hospital and hold the group at gunpoint, they make it clear that they are after James.
Fearful for his life, James takes Maggie hostage and stabs Powell. The Beverly corpse monster penetrates the body of Mitchell with its tentacles. Simon and Vincent kill the monster and reconvene with everybody in the lobby. They set Mitchells body on fire and send it out the door on a stretcher, afraid that his corpse might also become a monster. Simon and Vincent head off with Daniel to get a shotgun from the patrol car. Allison goes down into the basement to collect medical supplies so she can deliver Maggies baby but she is captured by Powell.

Vincent and Daniel search for Allison and find evidence that indicates Powell is the leader of the cult. Powell calls Daniel on the phone to taunt him. Vincent, Simon and Daniel interrogate James while Ben and Kim
stay with Maggie. James reveals that Powell has the power to change people. The men head downstairs and force James to come with them. Allison awakens on an operating table.  Powell explains that he figured out a way to cheat death after the death of his daughter Sarah. The doctor has torn away the skin from his face and has clearly gone mad. Alison is horrified to find something is growing inside of her. Vincent, Daniel, Simon, and James end up surrounded by terrifying zombies. James is killed and the rest of the men become separated.

Maggie starts giving birth, Kim realizes she needs to perform a C-section but starts to panic. Ben begs Kim to do it but then Maggie slits his throat. It turns out she is carrying Dr. Powells child. Kim hides as the cultists enter the building, Maggie leaves. Daniel is horrified to find Allison in the operating room pregnant with a tentacled monster that is extending from her body. Daniel attacks the mutated remains of his wifes body with an axe. He is then transported to a morgue with a luminescent triangle on the wall. Powells voice tells Daniel that he has access to the ability to conquer life and death.

Maggie suddenly appears and stabs Daniel. Powell goes before the triangle and Maggie kneels before him. He is skinless by this point and beginning to mutate. Powell repeats an incantation before the triangle, Maggies torso explodes and out crawls the monstrous version of Powells daughter. Vincent and Simon battle the Sarah-monster. The Sarah-monster overwhelms Vincent but he manages to cover it with alcohol. Simon sets them both on fire.

Powell tells Daniel he can be with Allison if he gives up. Daniel resists and attacks him. Both men fall into the void. Meanwhile the Sarah-monster pursues Simon but fortunately he escapes and is teleported back to the hospital where he reunites with Kim. Daniel and Allison have been reunited and are holding hands, together forever in strange world beneath a black pyramid.

The best part of this movie are the special effects. I don’t know how they managed to do such a great job bringing lovecraftian horrors to life with such a small budget but they pulled it off. Most of the film has this yellowish color gives the entire setting a feeling of being diseased. The acting is on par with what one might find on a network television show. There’s a little more shaky cam than I would have liked but again, limited budget. The story is your standard cosmic horror evil cultist plot but it’s still entertaining. If you’re a fan of the cosmic horror genre you should cook up some popcorn and watch this one alone late at night. (Image from Imdb.com)

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