“The Red Goddess” Occult Book Review

“The Red Goddess” by Peter Grey goes into the background and history of the whore of Babylon featured in the Biblical “Book of Revelations”. In ancient times she was worshipped as a goddess of Love, Lust and War by the citizens of the city of Babylon. Over the years she has become associated with several goddesses and demonesses such as Ishtar and Lilith.

The book tells the Tales of several male magicians who encountered this Primal female Force over the years such as Simon Magus, Aleister Crowley, Jack Parsons and John Dee. While there is a lot of useful information here regarding the topic of sex magick there’s a strong sadomasochist streak throughout which might be a turn off to some readers. I became convinced after awhile that the author is in love with the goddess Babalon the way a lot of anime nerds are in love with their favorite waifu. I wouldn’t be remotely surprised to find out Peter Grey sleeps with a full body Babalon pillow every night.

I love this book, it’s raw, passionate and just the right amount of batshit insane. If you consider yourself any kind of goddess worshipper go out and purchase a copy as soon as you can!- Zwahk

Published by Zwahk Muchoney

I'm an eclectic author who hails from the city of Seattle.

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