Florida Water Cologne Recipe

For this recipe you will need a 1 quart glass jar, 1 bottle of 100% grain alcohol (some people like to use vodka, I’ll leave this one up to your own preferences), 5 pieces of Star Anise, 1 tablespoon of sea salt, 1 Lemon rind, 1 Orange rind, 1 tablespoon of Mugwort, 1 White Rose, 7 drops Clove oil, 4 drops Bergamot oil, 9 drops Lavender oil, 5 drops Rose Geranium oil (or Rose oil if you can afford it) and 3 drops Cinnamon oil. 

Cleanse the inside and outside of the jar with incense smoke. Place the Lemon rind, Orange rind, White Rose petals, Mugwort, Star Anise and sea salt inside. Fill the jar most of the way with the alcohol, leave about 1 inch worth of space at the top. Add the essential oils and screw on the lid. Gently shake the jar 7 times in a row. Hide the jar in the dark safe place where it can be left alone unbothered for 4-6 weeks.

When enough time has passed take out the jar and unscrew the lid. Use a strainer to separate the plant material from the cologne. The mixture is now ready for use, do with it what you will. Don’t worry if the mixture is discolored, this is perfectly normal when it comes to homemade Florida Water cologne recipes.- Zwahk (Image from 4th Ave Market)

Published by Zwahk Muchoney

I'm an eclectic author who hails from the city of Seattle.

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