“The Witch” (2015) Occult Movie Review

“Corruption, Thou Art my father! ” a lot of people think the American Satanic Panic began in the 1970s but it has existed in the country since America was just a small collection of Backwater English colonies.”The Witch” was based on the testimonies of the Salem Witch Trials as well as superstitions and folklore of the 1600s.

The Story begins with a family being excommunicated from their local Parish because of the fathers arrogance. They end up on a farm isolated in the middle of the woods, constantly threatened with starvation. Their newborn baby is kidnapped by a local witch who smashes up the child like apple butter and rubs its entrails all over her body to make flying ointment. The oldest daughter is blamed for the kidnapping as she was the one babysitting when The Disappearance occurred.

Meanwhile the rather obnoxious young twins claim the billy goat Black Phillip is Whispering secrets in their ear. The eldest son is kidnapped by a local witch who casts a horrible curse on him which causes his agonizing death.

The family accuses the eldest daughter of being a witch, so much blood is shed and by the end of the night the daughter stands alone. Desperate and afraid she speaks to the goat, hoping that she can conjure forth the Devil. It turns out that the Lord of Lies has been living inside the animal all along. She signs her name in his book and the film ends with her entering the woods to join a coven, beginning her Life Anew as a slave of the Devil.

A lot of people wonder why so many Americans believed such things were possible, that one could simply rub baby fat all over their body and Float through the air or sell Ones Soul for unlimited power. I think there’s a simple explanation for why people were so gullible at the time, a lot of women drank while they were pregnant because most sources of drinking water were so dangerous back then. It was common to consume ale and beer during gestation which resulted in many cases of children being born with fetal alcohol syndrome. The isolated rural lifestyle also led to a lot of inbreeding.

The film was directed by Robert Eggers, the same man who gave us “The Lighthouse”. He has a real talent for using the contrast between light and dark to make images Pop on the screen. The soundtrack isn’t anything special, it’s the same tense violin work that you’ve heard in a million horror movies. The acting is excellent, the man playing the father was a especially charismatic in his role to the point where I could almost sympathize with him… almost. I couldn’t believe the budget was only 4 million dollars given how good the special effects were. There’s a very strong dreary sense of atmosphere that pervades the whole film and you can almost smell the environments in the movie at times.

This is a very depressing movie, I’m glad I watched it but I never want to see it again, if you’re interested in movies about witchcraft or you’re in the mood for an American period piece with horror elements check this one out.- Zwahk (Image from Unsplash.com)

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