“Equinox” Netflix Review

The Netflix series “Equinox” is a weird take on the possible Pagan origins of the Easter Bunny. The series was based on a Danish podcast called “Equinox 1985”. A bunch of students disappeared on a graduation trip 20 years ago. Astrid, the younger sister of one of the students goes on a quest to find out what happened. The show goes back and forth in time between the story of Astrid in the present and her sister Ida in the past.

Astrid finds out her sister came into contact with a strange Pagan cult that worships the ancient Hare God. During a ritual out on a mysterious island Ida was possessed by the goddess Ostara and involved in a ritualistic sexual activity with a man dressed as the Hare God. Ida became pregnant as a result and had an abortion. This angered the Hare God. Idas mother had wanted a child but couldn’t conceive so she made a deal with him 18 years earlier- in exchange for letting her raise Ida she would have to turn Ida over to the Hare God to when she turned 18. Idas mother had changed her mind and made a new deal with the Hare God, that being that he would be able to take the child he concieved with her daughter instead. Enraged by Idas betrayal the Hare God kidnapped her and her classmates and kept them trapped in his den.

Ida and Astrid were not blood relatives but the Hare God wants Astrid as a replacement sacrifice for the Equinox. Astrid comes to him willingly and finds her sister waiting for her in the Mists. The sisters hold hands,smile and head off to be with him. Satisfied with his sacrifice the Hare God allows the other students to go free of his grasp and they return home.

The piece of media that popped into my head while watching this show was a Netflix series called “Dark”, both shows are strange and a little convoluted in the storytelling and keep the viewer coming back with an odd mystery. “Equinox” has a very dark atmosphere and will likely appeal to fans of foreign mystery thrillers. The show is shot very well, especially the ritual scenes in the middle of the show. The music is perfectly serviceable but I found that playing “The Killing Moon” by “Echo & the Bunnymen” fit much better than the shows opening theme. As for historical accuracy who knows, the pagans of ancient times didn’t leave written records, all we know about them is what we can try to deduce based on the statues and artwork they left behind. “Equinox” felt like it could have been trimmed down by an episode or two but I still had a good time watching it and would highly recommended it. This show is not appropriate for children due to sexual content but older teenagers should be able to handle it.- Zwahk (Image from Unsplash.com)

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