“The Void” Cosmic Horror Movie Review

“You’d be surprised at the things you find when you go looking.” “The Void” is an eerie Lovecraftion horror film written and directed by Steven Kostanski and Jeremy Gillespie. I’ve always been a fan of cosmic horror so I thought it might be fun to seek this movie out and write a review. There will be heavy spoilers here so if you want to skip all of that head to the last paragraph.

James (Evan Stern) tries to escape a farmhouse by running off into the woods. A screaming woman tries to follow him but she gets shot. While lying on the ground she’s covered with gasoline and set on fire. The image of a figure covered in a white sheet emblazoned with a black triangle appears for a moment before the eerie opening credits start playing. Deputy Sheriff Daniel Carter (Aaron Poole) is sitting in his patrol car when he comes across James crawling along the road. Daniel takes him to the mostly abandoned hospital where his estranged wife Allison (Kathleen Munroe) works as a nurse.

The hospital is operating with a very small crew composed of Dr. Richard Powell (Kenneth Welsh), intern Kim (Ellen Wong) and nurse Beverly (Stephanie Belding). Among the patients are pregnant Maggie (Grace Munro), her grandfather Ben (James Millington), and Cliff (Matt Kennedy). Daniel is horrified to discover Beverly murdering Cliff. Beverly is in some kind of trance and the skin has been flayed from her face. Daniel shoots her when she tries to attack him. He starts having a seizure and has a strange vision.

State trooper Mitchell (Art Hindle) arrives at the hospital to get James after coming across the carnage at the farmhouse. Daniel goes outside so he can call in the death of Beverly but he is confronted by a robed cultist. They fight each other and the cultist stabs Daniel. Despite his injury he manages to get back into the hospital. The cultists surround the building in a scene that brings the movie “Assault on Precinct 13” to mind (the original, not the awful remake). Daniel, James and Mitchell realize the corpse of Beverly has become a disgusting  tentacled monster. Simon and Vincent enter the hospital and hold the group at gunpoint, they make it clear that they are after James.
Fearful for his life, James takes Maggie hostage and stabs Powell. The Beverly corpse monster penetrates the body of Mitchell with its tentacles. Simon and Vincent kill the monster and reconvene with everybody in the lobby. They set Mitchells body on fire and send it out the door on a stretcher, afraid that his corpse might also become a monster. Simon and Vincent head off with Daniel to get a shotgun from the patrol car. Allison goes down into the basement to collect medical supplies so she can deliver Maggies baby but she is captured by Powell.

Vincent and Daniel search for Allison and find evidence that indicates Powell is the leader of the cult. Powell calls Daniel on the phone to taunt him. Vincent, Simon and Daniel interrogate James while Ben and Kim
stay with Maggie. James reveals that Powell has the power to change people. The men head downstairs and force James to come with them. Allison awakens on an operating table.  Powell explains that he figured out a way to cheat death after the death of his daughter Sarah. The doctor has torn away the skin from his face and has clearly gone mad. Alison is horrified to find something is growing inside of her. Vincent, Daniel, Simon, and James end up surrounded by terrifying zombies. James is killed and the rest of the men become separated.

Maggie starts giving birth, Kim realizes she needs to perform a C-section but starts to panic. Ben begs Kim to do it but then Maggie slits his throat. It turns out she is carrying Dr. Powells child. Kim hides as the cultists enter the building, Maggie leaves. Daniel is horrified to find Allison in the operating room pregnant with a tentacled monster that is extending from her body. Daniel attacks the mutated remains of his wifes body with an axe. He is then transported to a morgue with a luminescent triangle on the wall. Powells voice tells Daniel that he has access to the ability to conquer life and death.

Maggie suddenly appears and stabs Daniel. Powell goes before the triangle and Maggie kneels before him. He is skinless by this point and beginning to mutate. Powell repeats an incantation before the triangle, Maggies torso explodes and out crawls the monstrous version of Powells daughter. Vincent and Simon battle the Sarah-monster. The Sarah-monster overwhelms Vincent but he manages to cover it with alcohol. Simon sets them both on fire.

Powell tells Daniel he can be with Allison if he gives up. Daniel resists and attacks him. Both men fall into the void. Meanwhile the Sarah-monster pursues Simon but fortunately he escapes and is teleported back to the hospital where he reunites with Kim. Daniel and Allison have been reunited and are holding hands, together forever in strange world beneath a black pyramid.

The best part of this movie are the special effects. I don’t know how they managed to do such a great job bringing lovecraftian horrors to life with such a small budget but they pulled it off. Most of the film has this yellowish color gives the entire setting a feeling of being diseased. The acting is on par with what one might find on a network television show. There’s a little more shaky cam than I would have liked but again, limited budget. The story is your standard cosmic horror evil cultist plot but it’s still entertaining. If you’re a fan of the cosmic horror genre you should cook up some popcorn and watch this one alone late at night. (Image from Imdb.com)

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